About the horses

26 Wild horses roam free on about 500 hectares of wetlands near the mouth of the Botriver.
They are rumoured to be descendants of horses hidden in the vlei during the Anglo Boer war. Some say they are the survivors of a huge cull in the area in the 70's and others say they swam ashore when The Birkenhead ship sunk in the nearby ocean a long time ago.
Free from human intervention, these magnificent creatures have braved the elements for many decades. They fight often and fiercely and are covered in scars, appearing sometimes heroic and sometimes battle weary.
Their bodies have adapted to suit the constant wet surroundings. They play an important role in nature by keeping the clogged waterways open with their paths. No-one looks after them, and most people are totally unaware of them.

About the project

These horse roam free in an area flanked by communities known for their gangsterism and poaching. There is no one to protect these horses. By doing this project I hope to raise awareness about the horses which could be a very valuable ecotourist crowd-puller. They should be treated as a valuable resource. These horses make Kleinmond truly unique and very special to me.

About me

I am a fashion photographer who has grown tired of the bright lights. The horse project has grounded me and motivated me. Through them I have rediscovered my love for photography.

For more info email us at info@thewildones.co.za

Bruce Boyd

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